Like so many others before us, we wanted to extend a thank you to those frontline workers risking their health, many of whom are isolated from their families, while we are able to shelter ourselves inside with loved ones. So, for the month of May, we are donating 10% of all our online sales to the NHS Covid-19 Urgent Appeal Fund.

This Urgent Appeal fundraises grants for NHS Charities Together, a collective organisation which aims to provide blanket support to NHS staff, volunteers, and patients through various measures. Some of these include:
- covering travel and accommodation expenses
- wellbeing packs (food deliveries, high energy/protein bars/drinks, refreshments, wash kits, overnight stay kits etc.)
- electronic tablets for isolated patients to communicate to loved ones
- rest and recuperation rooms
- resource long-term mental health support from staff and families involved

Thank you as always for your support to Emma Darlington and for helping us support this charity. 

If you would like to read more about the charity please see the link below:

Em x